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Google has dedicated it's existence to ensuring people can search and find the most relevant results faster and more accurately, when we all carried large laptops around this was relatively easy due to the size of the screens etc. Now as more and more people work using their phones the problem has become how do you find the challenge they face today is how using a smart phone you can find results faster.

So earlier this month Google announced the launch of the latest Android version - 6.0 called Marshmallow. This upgrade brings with it some interesting features around search, which makes it easier and faster for mobile users to have content suggested.

This has a far reaching affect for the recruitment market, imagine during a conversation that an individual would like a new job, using the now on tap the user can search, find and apply using their mobile.

We here at Volcanic have been implementing changes to our platform to support Google in finding the data our clients have and helping google to provide these to users through the Now on Tap feature.

If you want to learn more why not contact me.  


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