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As part of our new Spotlight series, this week’s Friday Spotlight is on our client Identifi Global, whose website went live in September. We caught up with Gary Fay, Founder and Director, to learn a bit more about the company and how their new Volcanic website has helped their recruitment company.

Identifi Global are a recently formed recruitment company founded by both Gary Fay and Pete Sanders, who have a combined wealth of expertise and experience within the recruitment industry spanning over 20 years, with Gary being a former Board Director of a global recruitment business. Their core focus is on three main disciplines: Cyber Security - the extremely technical side of IT Security, Business IT - related to the delivery of the technical practices and Digital. The business has blossomed now into a team of 8 and are based within Bletchley Park, the home of the Code Breakers. They have partnerships with the National Museum of Computing as well as Gary being engaged within the industry as a thought leader.

Gary has noticed the shift in recruitment to become more candidate focused as opposed to client focused:

“The reality is, the recruitment industry is changing: there are more jobs than ever before and less candidates, at the heart of our approach is the way we work with our candidates, who incidentally are also treated as clients. We completely understand that candidates are a recruitment agency’s biggest asset and should be invested in, engaged with and nurtured accordingly. What we are trying to do is bring forward and embed the candidate experience in everything we do, we know that the agency is first contact a candidate has with their potential; new employer, it’s vital this is experience is great regardless of the outcome.’’  

An early adopter of technology, Gary first found Volcanic not through a recommendation but simply searching for the Best Recruitment Websites 2014/2015. When he clicked on the websites that had won, over two thirds of them had been built by Volcanic - so he knew he was onto a good thing!

“The website development aspect of Volcanic really appealed to me, especially the idea of having SaaS. It’s an ongoing relationship and it feels like we’re at the forefront of technology. It excites us because when we talk to Matt [Director] or Josh [Account Manager] they too get excited, so we feel valued as customers. You get us, and we’re looking forward to our working relationship maturing nicely.”

Volcanic value our clients as partners and working with Gary it was extremely quick and simple to deliver their website with little risk, seamlessly integrating them with the Bullhorn CRM in the process. We have understood that recruitment is changing and are addressing these challenges alongside our clients to create the best solution.

Thank you to Identifi Global for choosing Volcanic to build your website. We are looking forward to the future with some exciting new developments in the pipeline!​

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