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This week’s Friday Spotlight is on our client H1 Healthcare, whose UK website went live earlier this month and their Australian website went live today. We spoke to David Rennie, Brand and Marketing Manager, to learn more about H1 Healthcare and how their recruitment website by Volcanic has helped their company.

Formed in 2002, the H1 story is one with a family ethos very much at the core. Pam Easen, a nurse by trade herself, founded H1 Healthcare, who specialise in the nursing Healthcare sector. She saw a need for workers specifically for care homes, so she created a staff agency for care workers. The company has grown rapidly since and won their first NHS contract in 2009. They treat every client like it is their first; instead of concentrating on the quantity of candidates, they focus on the quality of candidates. By placing a high quality candidate in a role, they’re going against the sector norm, as David commented:

“In the UK, the Healthcare Sector is in crisis given the massive staff shortages and unprecedented demand it faces. Nursing agencies have been able to tap into that demand and exploit the shortages. Our challenge has been to differentiate our service so that we can provide real solutions, doing more than simply plugging a gap, but working with both our clients and nurses to deliver short term effectiveness but medium and long term results.  We have a renewed focus on delivering that with our new Intelligent Workforce Solutions model.”

When discussing the differences between the Australian and UK market, David explained:

“The Australian Healthcare sector has many similarities with the UK in terms of clinical staff shortages and a significant need for aged care staff - the community and aged care sector as a whole is growing rapidly. However there are many differences. One of things we’re proud about is that we have a focus on indigenous health, so we have remote nurses who work in the aboriginal communities providing day to day healthcare, emergency cover and child and maternal health programs.  The nature of the work is fascinating and the challenges of operating in such remote areas and with patients with chronic health concerns is massive.

H1 Healthcare got in touch with us after one of our competitors recommended us - and we’re happy that they did! David has already seen a difference in the new website:

“The old website was just a standard healthcare recruitment website, it just simply served a function and was very under-utilised. The new website is now a vehicle where we can tell the H1 story. From a User Experience perspective, using the back end part of the platform as an admin has been seamless. I feel extremely comfortable using the CMS system - I’ve used many other, costly CMS systems in the past and this has been really user friendly. We have so much control over the back office and we can really start to tweak it so it’s a multi-purpose vehicle, focusing on both clients and candidates and also our H1 Learning website - which is still in progress! We’re at the start of an exciting development strategy and we can use the website to build on this and really drive awareness of the H1 Story and ethos.”

At Volcanic, we have international experience to ensure that recruitment companies operating in different territories have a website tailored specifically to that market. The process was fuss-free, delivering both their Australian and UK websites within one week of each other, seamlessly integrating them with BroadBean and the Eclipse CRM in the process.

Thank you to H1 Healthcare for choosing Volcanic for your recruitment website design. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with you, as well developing your highly exciting H1 Learning website.


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