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by Alan Jarque
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Volcanic recently appointed an Account Managers, Victoria Pearce to join our Client Services team. We spoke with them to find out how they are finding life at Volcanic.

Victoria, based at our Stockport HQ, also started at Volcanic in August 2015, originally meeting our MD in 2010. After attending a Social Media Workshop held by Volcanic, Victoria stayed in touch and 5 years later she’s here with us full time. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Events, liaising with clients and was the main point of contact for colleagues in her role prior to working for Volcanic.

When asked what a typical day for an Account Manager is, Victoria commented:

“Everyday is different - it can be arranging a kick-off meeting with a new client, feedback from existing clients regarding their design or even helping clients decide what content works best for them. I am the go-between between our Operations and Development Team and the Client, making sure that they are happy.”  

As an Account Manager, everyday is different for Victoria - there is never a dull moment. When a new client chooses Volcanic for their Recruitment Website, Victoria will be there to guide and assist their clients every step of the way. Victorias friendly demeanours, combined with her dedication to the job, have lead to Victoria building meaningful and fruitful relationships with clients.

Thank you for providing a snapshot of your day.


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