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I was reading an article the other day about 7 things that millionaires have in common. I'll not bore you with the details nor re-hash the article, but it made me realise that there is also a common thread in some of the customers who achieve success in the recruitment field.

One of the observations about financially successful companies and individual is: 

They Don’t Spend Frivolously

- meaning, that they spend time considering both the amount that is spent and the return on investment. Warren Buffet famously said:

So how does Volcanic help in this regard? Well, we put together a pricing structure that allows customers to reduce the cost of designing, building and running a recruitment website. In other words, if you want a recruitment website with all the features that's incorporated into our platform, then we can save you serious money. 

However, if you don't need Features like these, then we are probably not the right solution for you at the moment, so consider carefully and look at all the elements such as; Design costs, Maintenance costs, User Licenses and Email costs.

It's surprising how the overall costs can add up over time, we know we can help you save.


During interviews for a book called "The Millionaire Mind" author  Thomas J Stanley discovered that all the self made millionaires he interviewed said that 'being self-disciplined was vital in their financial success'.

This meant that they spent time considering their options, understanding what are their investment needs are, and more vitally what they didn't need to invest in. One of our competitors once said during a pitch that they needed to win the work so that they could send their children to private school, as you could imagine the more financially disciplined buyer, in that process, chose value for money over the emotional blackmail.

We know that financial considerations are an imprortant element of the buying process, so we have developed a clear pricing structure and published this, for all to see including our competitors. 



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