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by Alan Jarque
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Many of today’s leading technology companies started their existence in spare rooms or bedrooms, and the story of Volcanic’s humble beginnings is no different. Less than five years ago, our co-founder Rob Wilde could be found sat in his spare room with only his cat and dog for company, developing the technology that is behind Volcanic’s success today.  

Yesterday, as one of the delegates of the UKTI Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission to Singapore, Rob had the opportunity to meet and speak with David Cameron about the company's growth and ambitions. During the successful trade mission, Rob also signed a deal with leading Singapore-based recruiter Achieve Group to provide web development and strategy for three new websites, a deal which supports the company’s growth ambitions across the Asia-Pacific region.

Rob and his co-founder Neil Pickstone have built a company that has grown rapidly over the last 12 months, with our client base spanning 114 national and international clients and our staff numbers increasing over 280 per cent during the same period. We also have offices in Manchester, London and Liverpool and a presence established in Mexico City, Japan and Singapore.

Volcanic’s success has been achieved by using technology to help solve the main challenge faced by recruiters – attracting and engaging more effectively with candidates. We are constantly innovating across a number of areas to help shape the way the industry can benefit from digital technology and this has been the driver behind our success.

As a business, we understand that the key to success is to deliver results for our clients – the websites we build and develop typically see a 20% growth in traffic, but more importantly drive significant increases in candidate engagement. In the industry, the average conversion rate from unique visitor to registration or application is about 1%. Our clients see a 5% conversion rate on average, with the best reaching 10%.  

We have also innovated in terms of finance, moving away from the traditional digital purchasing model with one off fees to a monthly fee (SaaS) to make our products accessible and also allow for the continuous improvements to the platform that are rolled out automatically to clients.

All the hard work, from Rob starting from his spare room in Manchester to growth into a global business, is now paying dividends and meeting the Prime Minister is testament to this.  However, the success is based on a business that is perfectly in tune with its customers and through this understanding we aim to dominate the UK and then go on to lead the global market for recruitment websites.


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