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I was reading an article the other day on an e-commerce blog about how using psychology can influence buyers to purchase.  This got me thinking about how recruiters can use the same influencing techniques on candidates to achieve the outcome they need. 

So taking the same theme here's my attempt at messages that could be used and the reasons why they would work for recruiters;

  1. Reciprocity.   Take our salary survey and find out what you are worth today and next year or what you should be paying your team?  Take part in this poll on the outlook in your industry sector, see the overall results and benchmark your views.  The idea of "give to receive" enables better connection with candidates as well as data capture.
  2. Commitment.  By signing up to our weekly email, we will provide inside information about your career opportunities (not just today, but the options for the rest of you working career).  This helps convince candidates that you've got their best interests at heart.
  3. Consistency.   It's not just what we say as recruiters, its the promise we make to ensure we never fail you. This stretches across all the content on our website, our social profiles and what we do in our day to day interactions. This ensures you are seen as a long term partner interested in candidates careers, not just a one off placement.
  4. Liking. I'm a recent graduate and specialise in finding people just like you their first job. People are attracted to like minded individuals. If they feel a bond with your consultants then it's far more likely they will approach that person first. An MD of a major FTSE company would never approach  a graduate recruitment consultant, but would approach a consultant of similar age and experience. Showing your profiles improves the chances of connections with peers.
  5. Authority.  They have the best understanding of the issues facing candidates in the sector and how to overcome them.  Imagine having leading industry sector experts explain why they recommend your recruitment company.  It takes their authority and uses it to endorse your company. This is a trick used in celebrity endorsements that always work and cements that credibility
  6. Social Proof - They really deliver on their promises each and every time finding me the best contract, quickly.  This is the fastest growing element of engagement.  People will believe strangers, whether they are peers or experts, more than they will believe you as a company. Take the good social proof and publish this but don't allow a free for all.  Make sure you curate those positive or intersting comments and showcase only those.
  7. Scarcity -  The jobs advertised are usually filled with 3 days (2 days left).  Yes, we all been subjected to "book now" offers (1 room remaining) and how often does it prompt us to act!

Why not try these messages and see how they work - let us know what your suggestions would be for refining them.  It will all add to our knowledge ability to better connect with candidates. 


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