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Every 20 years, we see a leap in technology: a Paradigm Shift.

In the last year, the Recruitment industry has seen big change in key areas; Mobile, User Experience, Social Recruiting, and how we collect Data. Coincidentally, CEOs are subsequently changing their tactics in this report by the Manchester Evening News, stating that - ‘Organisations can no longer continue to recruit people as they’ve always done – they need to be looking in new places, geographies and from new pools of talent.’

According to this short interview with Goldman Sachs’ Chief Information Officer, Martin Chavez, the world of Finance has had to adapt quickly to the recent paradigm shift in technology, because with any change in global communications, there's a window of opportunity for businesses big and small.​​

The interesting part for you in this most recent leap is the opportunity it presents for recruiters to grow their business using the latest technology, not just keep up with competition.


Recruitment technology should, in essence, allow candidates to quickly access jobs and upload data with minimal fuss. A candidate’s primary reason for coming back to a recruitment company website will largely depend on their User Experience.

Social Integration tools, as an example, are beneficial to both parties - as a screening tool, and as a branding tool. You can read our opinion on features such as Social Buttons and Calls to Action on our latest Design blog post here.


For a recruiter, their primary reason for needing excellent recruitment website design will be to capture the ideal candidates’ data seamlessly, and make the screening process more efficient. Cloud-based platforms can provide this already - as Martin Chavez explains in the above interview, now that mainframes and servers have ‘evolved’ to an online platform, integration with other data providers is made easy.


When you buy a Platform as a Service (PaaS), you gain access to the network, not just site features. Imagine being able to combine the data a candidate fills out on your website form, plus their LinkedIn account they signed in with, Twitter etc… well, that technology already exists, and is being adopted more and more by recruiters across the world.

Integration also allows for automation, which is a key driver when considering cost savings and efficiency improvements. By having data automatically pass from one system to another, it frees recruiters up to focus on important aspects of their jobs.


[Big data] is really just about trying to pull together the data that all these people want to talk about, in a way where they can actually have that conversation well. - Dominic Barton, Chief Operating Officer, Broadbean Technology (Source: Personnel Today).

You can refine your talent pool, and make the application process/user experience greater at the same time - all because of the innovative use of technology in recruitment. Just take a look at how mobile-friendly sites have managed to ‘shorten the sales funnel’ according to Social Media Week here. If that's not enough, these Trends in Recruitment Tech may clarify the need for smarter recruiting as the shift goes global.

The Paradigm Shift is reaching an exciting phase just as it is needed most in recruitment due to the talent shortage - take advantage of the technological expansion and grow your business.


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