Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone
Diffusion Of Innovation

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Are you a Laggard, or an Innovator?

Don't be offended but this is a term used within a marketing model called the 'Innovation adoption lifecycle' which was developed as long ago as 1962 by - Everett M. RogersDiffusion of Innovations, but the amazing thing about this model is that it still very much applies today.

Back in the 60's when it was first developed most consumers were not exposed to technology as much as they are today. Innovation in broadcasting, the development and roll-out of colour televisions, or transport were all the exposure to new technology that the average consumer had - but today that has all changed. Phones & Tablets have the ability to add new software that instantly changes these devices from what they were first designed to be, into something else e.g. yesterday I was watching a demonstration of an app called Periscope designed to change your phone into a live webstreaming device allowing users to share & 'explore the world through someone else's eyes.' It makes your phone a live outside broadcasting unit.

So why is it import to understand what type of person you are? Well my wife believes she's a Laggard, she doesn't know as much about technology as she would like, however she's actually an Early Adopter buying new machines for her bakery that are new to market in the hope that she beats her competitors.

If you are an Innovator or Early Adopter it comes with both risk and reward. You will be exposed to the problems, risks, and annoyances common to early-stage product testing (you can even ask our customers about this) but the rewards far outweigh the risks (also ask our customers) being able to increase the number of candidates and fees provided by their website is hugely beneficial to their business.

Within Volcanics' recruitment website design, we have passed the stage of Innovation, but are just moving out of the Early Adopters stage. But for our customers, the risk is worth it - the rewards are exceptional (but I would say that, wouldn't I?).

Don't be a Laggard, and join us in the Innovation circle.


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