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Claim to be an Innovator?

I often come across quotes from some of our best know technical innovators, for example the late Steve Jobs who once said - 'Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.' But is it innovatative to take ideas proven in other fields and simply apply them to new areas?

You may not have been the person who had the lightbulb moment, but I do believe that taking best practises from different fields, or products, and applying them to new areas makes you innovative - although this doesn't mean you can label it 'new'.

Here at Volcanic, we task our team to look at all areas and fields to see if there anything we can learn or use within our platform or provide to a Recruitment company website that will show innovation in the recruitment field.

Engagement techniques

One of our main areas of inspiration is ecommerce. This highly competitive field is always looking at ways that can inspire it's users not only buy, but to engage with their brand.

Many techniques used in ecommerce can be used by recruiters, for example: -

  • User Behavior - Use Persona development to target the right user with the right message

  • Personalised Homepages and Category Pages - Gain customer interest 

  • Sector Pages - Give customers the information they want at the right time

  • Job Search - Most users go directly to a search tool to find jobs, so make it the best it can be

  • Customer Service - Demonstrate your good customer service (engaging on social media, for example)

  • Loyalty Schemes - A great way to reward loyal customers

  • International Clients - Discover the nuances of users in different countries

  • Office Finders and Locators - Make yourself easy to find

  • Email and Confirmation Messages - Automated, consistant and timely

  • User Research Methodology & Tools - Conduct your own studies after go-live

By listening to the latest trends in the digital space we can help advise our customers on the best techniques for them. The great innovators of the digital age found a way to condense the vast wealth of information availabe into something personal for their consumers. You can't hope to achieve innovation if you aren't personally involved in your branding.

Stay vigilant for your brand, and innovation will find you.


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