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by Alison Dwyer
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Using Social Media as an Incentive to Drive Website Traffic

68% of recruiters will make a decision about a candidate based on their social media engagement. In a digital world where stark personal information is encouraged, are social media channels helping or hindering the recruitment process?

We’re all experiencing the ongoing ‘skills shortage’, and it appears most have fallen on the social medium as a resource for screening candidates.

​Two questions arise from this observation.

1. Can social personas adequately represent a candidate’s professionalism & skill set?

2. Is ‘Social Recruitment’ a two-way street, and how does it affect recruiters?


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

So, let me answer the above questions with this…

If recruiters use social media to screen candidates, do candidates use social media to gauge a recruiter’s credibility?

Put yourself in a candidate’s shoes, in the 18-34 age bracket. Unemployment is down to a 7-year low, which is making it more difficult to find a permanent role. However, the growing correlation between digital and creative content is going from strength to strength as the creative world becomes more of a refuge to passive candidates. Therefore, as a skilled, young candidate (who has grown up digitally connected), I will be more attracted to recruiters who understand why I find creativity so appealing.

As a creative digital marketer, I want to know that the people I work with have that understanding – that Social Media is an integral part of life now. As a candidate I used to Google the agency I applied to, the individual recruiter I was dealing with, everything. It’s a two-way street.’ – R. Pejani, Digital Marketing Exec, Broadbean

Social media has become a bustling marketplace where creativity and business can meet on the same terms. But is this how we should be judging each other, through our social channels? Shouldn’t the website be the insight into how a recruitment company operates, just as a candidate’s CV (not their Facebook page) should reflect their skills?


Two For Two

According to The Recruiter, ‘The problem with treating Twitter like a job board, rather than a content marketing platform, is that doing so doesn’t exactly capture the attention of potential candidates.

The key to attracting passive candidates with the necessary skills is not to treat your social media channels as a pin-board. Instead, your SM should be a shadow of what your website can offer – a Hub of personalised recruitment professionals, intuitive user experience, and simplicity. Your recruitment company website should feel like a breath of fresh air – treat your candidates like refugees lost in a sea of noise.


Connecting the dots

The importance of Social Media in the recruitment market cannot be underestimated. A positive social media following on your homepage, not just from Twitter, but Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and so on, gives an infinitely more powerful view of the brand. In this way, Social Media doesn't just act as an attraction method, but a conversion method. 

Social Recruiting might be a great channel to target candidates, but it opens up the two-way lane for candidates to see into your company too. Give them a reliable website to fall back on - it should be the port in the storm.​

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