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What Does Your Company Stand For?

If you don’t know the answer, you might consider the strength in identifying your company’s persona, and how to translate your company ethos through your website.

I’ve been working at Volcanic for little over a month now, and I can confidently identify the central ethos that drives the company: Innovation. Maybe it does sound like a Stock Phrase, but to us it still has meaning. The company was founded on the basis that Recruiters have enough to deal with as it is without their website blocking up, and Candidates need all the incentive they can get to sign up - so why not make the process easier for all involved? Be innovative. And I must say, having a strong ethos to fall back has been invaluable.

The Personal Touch

Take a quick peek around the office - go on, poke your head up and have a scan of the people around you. Could you sum them up in a sentence? What about your boss? Now, what about yourself? Identifying personas is a very handy practice, especially in an industry fuelled on an understanding of human behaviour. Matt (our Head of Client Services) wrote this fascinating blog post on Personas, which you can read here, and I encourage you get to grips with the idea.

Speaking of Personas, we’ve cooked up this little one-question online poll using Eventbeat - take a minute and tell us what category you think your recruitment company website falls into...

With the recruitment industry growing at an impressive rate, it can get easy to lose sight of why you do what you do: ‘...if you’ve spent a lot of time recently focusing heavily on growth and bringing in new employees, it might be time to take a step back to see what kind of culture is emerging.’ - William Craig on Forbes.

This inspirational TED presentation by Simon Sinek nails it on the head for me - ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.’ Take a look:

Found In Translation

We design our recruitment company websites around you, so your ethos should be translated into your website. Is it just your images that do this, or do you require a certain feature (like a Social Stream, or a Welcome Video) to take centre-place, and why? How about the language you use - is it catered to your sector? We can offer expert advice to guide you through until you have a perfectly functioning, cloud-integrated website that candidates will love to use.

Take a look at examples of our Work - we get personal with our clients because we know the value of a personalized website. Our cloud-based publishing platform is already built with user experience at it’s heart, and your company persona is the cherry on top!​

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