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by Neil Pickstone
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The Gathering Clouds

When Google announce something new, I’m used to hearing the whole office stir with banter, but not this time. Reading up on Google’s big shift to Cloud here on Silicon Angle, I am surprisingly underwhelmed.

Surprised, even, that it’s taken them this long to migrate. Our own platform here at Volcanic has always been Cloud-based, working through the most popular platform – Amazon Web Services. Google still has a lot of catching up to do, (according to this article on Fortune) and with the AWS Re:Invent conference rolling up in Las Vegas this year it looks like Amazon will be bringing the rain for years to come.

As a recruiter you want the best, most efficient system from your recruitment company website without paying through the nose. Unfortunately for Google, they’re going to have to work to sell many of the reasons our clients are already on Cloud-based publishing.


Automatic Updates. Probably the single greatest feature of the Cloud – it acts as a hive-mind. When a programme gets updated/replaced for greater efficiency, every server on the database receives the same update. No more faffing around with plug-ins that contradict each other and gum up the works – upscale and update.

When you buy a website for a single installment – that’s the best it’s ever going to be. When we launch a website [with SaaS based features that update when we do], it’s only the worst it’s ever going to be.’ – Rob Wilde, Technical Director at Volcanic.

When you have a website with unique functionality, dispersing it across multiple servers gets rid of that single point of failure. It’s your encrypted company clone that only you can access. There’s always going to be speculation about security, but I fail to understand why my data is any less safe stored physically on a hard drive - which has crashed on me 3 times this year alone. I really need to be a Mac.


With automatic upgrades comes cost-effectiveness and higher ROIs – I reckon now I’m talking your language. In the past, repair work and integration woes would normally cost a business owner twice the cost of the site throughout the course of the year. Integration on our platform is seamless – I’ve watched APIs get absorbed into the system with ease, and heard clients on the other end of the phone emit a surprised ‘Oh, it’s done?’

It’s already having a large effect in Contact Centres across the world, according to Logical Ware. If the Recruitment Industry is to continue growing, it needs a unified attitude towards technology, and the Cloud is hovering above us.​

(Images: Yuri Samoilov & Kamyar Adl)


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