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Outstanding Recruitment Content Marketing: Part II

It’s been three weeks since we celebrated the last batch of outstanding content marketing pieces, which you can read here, so I thought I’d whet your appetite for another mouthful of crunchy genius.

Rather than just point and shout about them though, I imagine you as a Recruiter are more interested in how you can apply the same thinking to your own marketing strategy.

So, for each of the following outstanding pieces of content, we’ll look at the Medium Used, Engagement/Shareability, and how to reach the same platform of thought. After all, you don’t want another treat - you want the recipe for it.

Monster’s ‘Stuck in the Wrong Job’ Campaign

(Source: Seed Jobs)

As part of a series (a delicious ingredient to a sustainable marketing strategy), Monster released a campaign that speaks to us all, because we’ve almost all been there. Parodies of familiar images never fail, so there’s another ingredient in the mix.

Coherent imagery and Recurring imagery are two separate techniques, and I find the former more creatively promising. Recurring would be something like the meerkats from that comparison website - which shall not be named. Coherent imagery takes an over-arching image and applies it to a variety of scenarios/medium.

The shareability of an image like this is huge - it speaks a thousand words to a thousand different sectors all at once. The return from a segment of this campaign saw a 126% registration rise, and a 455% rise in IP visits (source here).

Inspiration from the every-day

Campaigns as a series of Coherent, not just Recurring, imagery

Computer Engineers

(Source: Hire Rabbit)

This one is to demonstrate two medium - physical and psychological marketing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t source the company themselves, but the technique is undoubtedly brilliant. I get far too excited whenever I see physical marketing - a symptom of being brought up with the Digital Frontier, no doubt. That alone is worth bearing in mind.

As a Recruiter, you can take a nice over-arching technique from this. In this time of ‘skills shortage’, there’s no better way to separate the wheat from the chaff than ads that speak directly to your target market. Who else but a qualified computer engineer would possess the ability to read this ad? Now, apply this to an ad for an opening in a Sales role - how could you speak to their mentality, their attitudes?

Call-out ads that speak directly to the target market

Digital marketing of a Physical campaign

Evergrad ‘Does Size Matter?’ Interview

(Source: Evergrad)

One of our own clients, true, but I’m a massive admirer of the following content. Talk about speaking the market’s language...

Public engagement always goes down a treat, and using a misleading opening question is about as classic as it gets. Video is, of course, a highly shareable medium, and the tone of this content is the kind of material unaffiliated parties would share for entertainment.

There are several potential outlets for Visual Marketing, and the marketplace is already saturated with content. So how do you get that one step ahead? Well, where is the niche in the Visual market? How many Recruiters are advertising through video, and what style are they using to convey their message? Is it the most efficient, or imaginitive channel?

Public Engagement

Audience relevant content

(Top Image Source: ch10)


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