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72% of candidates will find your job site via their mobile device, according to LinkedIn stats. Pretty large number that…

And 45% of candidates now apply for jobs using their mobile. Set an alarm on your phone, some of you need to wake up - because there’s no time to sleep when the numbers are on the rise.

If it isn’t Google’s Law dropping another 30-day ‘geddon warning that your Dev team were singing about at the end of last year, it’s the ridiculous pace that mobile technology has reached in the last year - both of which are shaping the Recruitment industry, permanently.

Called It

If your Recruitment company website isn’t optimised for mobile, I’m here to warn you that you will notice a drop in site visits. 8 seconds the average user spends on a site before they switch off - 8 seconds! I guess with stats like these we’re starting to get an answer to the question - ‘Who Defines the Market, the Candidate or the Recruiter?’ In reality, it’s Technology that defines the market, which is why our clients at Volcanic have been kept ahead of the mobile curve.


​I really enjoy this article on Recruiter, particularly the opening statement:

‘According to the 2014 Jibe Talent Acquisition Survey, applicants loathe the process even more than many of us expected. According to 35 percent of survey respondents, the job search is “easy.” Compare this to the 80 percent who said it was “time-consuming,” or the 78 percent who called it “stressful,” or the 71 percent who called it “discouraging.”’

I do have a confession to make: that is my phone pictured at the top. Yes, the 3Gs with the mosaic for a screen. I am far from an innovator in mobile technology- but I will never forget the moment I logged in to my LinkedIn on my 3Gs and found it easier than my brand new laptop… Now, it’s my laptop that’s gathering dust.

Incidentally, I used my superior's mobile to research this topic, and have resolved to upgrade my phone tomorrow...

Moving Out

At Volcanic, we saw the impending mobilegeddon mushroom cloud coming a while back and subsequently rolled out mobile-friendly recruitment websites. We experienced an increase in traffic ourselves off the back of the Google update, which illustrates that planning for the future can only be a good thing. Mobile isn't new, in fact the technology to go responsive has been around for a while now and Google themselves have been providing stats for the last couple of years on just how many searches, visits and sessions are started on mobile. To us, this was a clear indicator of the way things were going.

We knew our Responsive-Touch nav bars had to be designed for bare-bones, quick access, because isn’t that what we all want? More importantly, isn’t that what we all want for our candidates? Subsequently our Recruitment websites fit to screen - a pivotal feature. Poor screen loading is the reason most of us leave a website within 8 seconds: I know I do.

Your candidates are mobile - but thankfully, so are we.


How much does a recruitment website cost in 2023?

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