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Outstanding Recruitment Content Marketing Examples

It’s a recurring nightmare for Marketeers – the one where you’re chasing the competition but your legs aren’t really moving… there may also be demon bunnies and melting walls for some of you, but the message is relatively the same. In our latest blog post, we look at the ways technology has reached a balance between innovation and function so we can enjoy new features without losing our heads.  With more pressure on the Marketing teams to create outstanding content these days, we thought it would be wise to share with you some examples of those who have it nailed on the head, and our predictions for the next wave of outstanding content ideas.

The Pinterest Yellow-Brick Road

Pinterest: the Muse of the Digital age. It also happens to be to a Recruiter what wands are to wizards, and there is serious magic in Visual Marketing. There are hundreds of these floating around the boards, but we picked this example from Mashable to show you that instilling curiosity in your audience is still as strong today as it ever was: 

6 ways to attract recruiters to your LinkedIn profile

In essence it’s a teaser trailer – a friendly Visit Site button is all you need, so long as the link actually provides what you’ve promised…

We are seeing a focus from many sources into the world of Pinterest as a candidate attraction method. 

In particular we can see it working well in fashion, media, retail and ecommerce recruitment as a lof the audience that would be job searching in this market is active on Pinterest

We will be running a feature on Pinterest for recruitment in the near future.

Cover All The Bases

We found this rather impressive case study on Link Humans documenting US recruitment firm ‘Insperity’ and their Spider-Web of Social Medium.

With so many channels to choose from, it seems only sensible to cover all the bases, giving your target market the choice of which medium to follow you on. Be realistic though – no one’s going to follow you unless you have something to follow…

Twitter can be a bit of a blessing and a curse – candidates will most likely follow you with the intention of coming back to your services after having a bit of a follow-spree. However, given how easy it is to click ‘Follow’, it’s all too easy to forget about you if you don’t have regular content which engages and humanizes your brand.

Take Red Bull for example ( – not a recruiter, but with all their incredible activity, they’re hardly just an energy drink either, they’re a bunch of wild ones! They’re not selling their product, they’re selling what they believe in, and that’s why they’re soaring on the market. 

Think about your candidates

We wrote an article about persona creation for the recruitment industry recently, which focused on understanding your audience. Google know a thing or two about the people that they want to work for them and their marketing to those candidates shows that!

Creative content for your marketing campaigns can spearhead recruitment lead generation

The advertisment (and campaign) is smart, engaging and not only candidate worthy, but ads a great deal to brand building. Kudos!


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