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by Neil Pickstone
Social Recruitment

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The team in the office have been to the cinema this week to watch Taken 3, which reminded me of the quote from Taken 1 where the main Character played by Liam Neeson (Bryan) has a conversation with the Bad Guy about his skills, 

It got me thinking that the same skills that Liam Neeson uses, are used everyday by recruiters looking for Candidates and Clients: -

  • I don't know who you are. (But I have LinkedIn and could reasearch you, your collegaues and you're skills)

  • I don't know what you want. (but I can read Twitter, Facebook & Google+ and get an idea about what you like to do, your family , friends and colleagues)

  • I will find you, (and approach you via Linkedin or Social Networks, Email or Mobile)


  • I will hire you. (Hire you, find you a Candidate and keep going until I earn a fee)

Do you have any movies scenes that relate to recruitment?


How much does a recruitment website cost in 2023?

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