Lillie Ubeid
by Lillie Ubeid

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Today the team celebrated our 5th anniversary, we always think that birthdays are a time to reflect on our achievements.

Formed by Rob and Neil who first met whilst on a train journey south, the company started from humble beginnings in Rob's Flat. Our first employee Nick (who is now a director of EventBeat ) spent several months working in a spare bedroom whilst Rob and I were working on what new systems we wanted to develop.

After 5 years the company has grown to a total staff of 15 and is growing every month with almost a new member of staff joining us, we also have offices in Manchester, Mexico and Romania and plans are in hand to open in London, Canada, Singapore and Tokyo.

Despite starting life as a general digital agency we now specialise in recruitment and our product, which is now accepted as a global leading technology, is now serving websites in several countries worldwide.

Our financials are also impressive, with net worth growing steadily, profits good and turnover continuing to double. The results of all this hard work can be seen in our Experian report which for a young business is looking very strong.

Our team continue to provide a remarkable service and we wish to cement our position as the UK's leading provider of quality recruitment websites.

The Future

We hold ambitions to be global leaders in our filed within the next 3 years all built on a firm financial footing.



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