Robert Wilde
by Robert Wilde
Qdos At Global Recruiter

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Last week we were at the Global Recruiters Live event in London, the event had lots of great talks about what was happening in the recruitment industry, latest insights and activity. We throroughly enjoyed the experience and got to talk to lots of great suppliers.

One of the insights shared with us was the way recruiters felt about their business, the technology and their candidates: -

  • A lack of candidates was the biggest risk to generating revenue
  • Yet most recruiters were struggling to proactively engage with passive candidates.
  • The majority of recruiters felt the company CRM or ATS was not as affective as they would like.
  • None of those recruiters asked felt that their systems were fully integrated

At the show we met QDOS a fellow supplier but something stood out about the company and the way they got to know what Volcanic do, they visited our stand on a number of occassions, they spent time trying to understand what we did and how they could help us and we in turn could help them - they in fact created a great experience and we became friends.

With your website it's important that you show the same level of interest in your clients and candidates, give them a reason to visit again and build that brand trust that shows your knowledge about them as an individual and their industry sector.

Giving your customers a great experience will in the long term build valuable relationships that will stand the test of time.


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