Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone

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As we enter 2015, I thought it would be worth outlining some of the developments that our technical team will be working on in 2015 and the improvements that will be introduced for our recruitment clients.

In 2014 Volcanic concentrated on building the worlds first truly cloud based recruitment platform, demand for the product was such that we increased our team by another 7 employees and opened two overseas offices. The main focus for most recruitment technology partners in 2014 was to open there systems for integration and we saw our partners like Broadbean and Bullhorn really improve their integration offerings. For our clients the focus was on mobile and this remains a critical requirement for 2015.

So what do we expect 2015 to bring: -

  • More integrations with CRM systems making content exchange quicker and easier
  • Big data was a buzz word  used in 2013 & 2014 but 2015 will show a fully usable solution that really adds value to recruiters trying to attract the right users.
  • More Apps - the growth of the App econnomy is set to increase greatly and recruiters will be using more tools in their business and we'll be focusing on connecting these systems together to add even more value yet the cost of software is set to fall.
  • Marketing Automation will take centre stage as more recruiters learn the benefit of providing the right content to candidates and clients at the right time. Automation will ease the burden in this field.
  • Marketing budgets are set to increase as demand for candidates increases and so does competition from other recruiters so more money needs to be spent to acquire candidates.
  • The use of specialised job boards is set to increase and job board automation will be a requirement
  • Mobile growth will increase: expect figures for mobiles to be in the 60% mark by the end of 2015 (current average 38%)
  • Candidates will take centre stage, so getting the right candidate experience will definately help in placements
  • Social will remain central to the platform and in helping attract candidates and client alike. Facebook's new recruitment service is one to watch but integration with other social networks is a must.
  • The international market continues to be a source for candidates, we will improve our system effectiveness in this market in 2015 helping you attract candidates from further a field (Spain is a great source of candidates)

So what do we also expect to see less of in 2015: -

  • The bubble for SEO services certainly burst in 2014 with lots of companies reducing their spend as Google continued to punish those none legitimate companies but watch out for Google's approach to Job Boards also having an effect.
  • LinkedIn has certainly done a lot of good for recruitment, but 2014 was interesting as the effectiveness of the platform certainly reduced, expect the effectiveness to continue to reduce (has LinkedIn had it's day as an effective tool for specialist recruiters?

We can't predict what the year will bring but we can say for certain that for recruitment it's going to be the busiest on record.


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