Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone
Programmatic Marketing

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This year has seen a growth in the use of multi-touch marketing, if you're not sure what this is or how it works, then let me quickly explain. 

Successful marketing relies on the effective communication methods or touchpoints with a potential or existing customer, that success is driven from the value and timing of messages that can take different forms, for example a welcome email, a welcome letter, a telephone call, a newsletter, a face to face meeting etc. 

All these communication methods or touchpoints have very different styles of communication but fundamentally are all sharing a single marketing message. This process is called multi-touch marketing and if done correctly can add a huge benefit to the sales method. In 2015 we will see a growth of a new element in this sector, Programmatic Marketing, which will allow marketing departments to set-up workflows, automated messaging to specific client types.

We at Volcanic have been developing this technology with a view to automate this in recruitment marketing, our ideas are that for a candidate they are taken through a journey that involves an automated marketing process.

Most websites provide some basic level of automation: -

  • Automated welcome emails
  • Confirmation emails when applications occur
  • Job alerts when job matches occur

All these touchpoints are ok in isolation but programmatic marketing can take the user experience to a different level: -

  • Emails communications based on users needs sent at regular intervals
  • Emails about updates to their industry or sector or even job
  • Letters sent to their home address about your company
  • Updates about events sent to their email
  • Social comments sent to their social accounts

By adding workflow and rules to a system, you can improve both the experience of the candidate, the knowledge about your recruitment business. We will be adding a programmatic marketing to our system in 2015 making it even esier and better to engage with candidates improving effectiveness and reducing the workload for your consultants.


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