Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone
Why Numbers Matter

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It's interesting to reflect on why numbers are so important to me and always have been. As a child I found english very difficult unfortunately I was born with an eye disorder that impacted my learning, so much so, that my primary school teacher recommended that I be taken to a special school for learning difficulties (I really was that far behind) but when I was 10 I had an operation that changed everything and allowed me to see lines and words for the very first time, so the number 10 is a very important number to me.

14 was the next very important number to me, this was the age when I passed my first exam my maths O'level, remember at 10 I couldn't read but by 14 I moved from being the only person in my primary school who couldn't read to being one of the first in secondary school to pass an O'level.

Since then their are many many important numbers and dates in my life, 22 when I passed my degree and got my first job, 29 the day when I got married 14 & 5 the days when my children were born, 1996 the date when I started working on internet projects and did something completely new and found my vocation.

2010 is another very important number, its the year that we formed Volcanic, the date that Rob and I started on a journey of discovery and we were given the freedom to build anything we wanted, without constraints, to invent new stuff because we could.

But yersteday another 10 appeared and this too is going to be a very important number to me. Rob has been working with Goldman Sachs on a very interesting course they run for small businesses called the 10.000 Small Business Programme, it's in association with Manchester Metropolitan University and helps small business who are already growing achieve their full potential. Part of the programme encourages us to look at our activities and why we do things, they introduced us to the work and ideas that Simon Sinek has been doing on why companies exist.


Rob and I spent the weekend looking at the why Volcanic exists, why we do what we do, why we get up in the morning, why we work with our customers and why our staff work with us. I'd encourage you to watch the video it really is good.

So whats our why: -




Our why is that we as an organisation, want to change people's lives, through providing better technology that will encourage people to improve their job prospects, get access to the best roles, engage easier with decision makers, or recruiters, we want  to encourage candidates to be the best they can possibly be and we want them to have the right advice and help.

Working as a technology provider in the recruitment is our perfect place to change lives both for our customers, their candidates, their clients and for our own staff.



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