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by Neil Pickstone
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Recruitment Design is more than just well design attractive website. It's about the process needed to put together a well considered design that shows of the recruitment companies skills and engages with it audience.

When Volcanic put together a recruitment design it is about all the important little things, yes the overall look and feel has to appeal to the users but the content and reason to engage also need to be in place.

Our top tips for recruitment design are: -

  • Brand is king - the site has to reflect the organisation and be consistant in its branding
  • Understand who your target audience and make sure your site caters for them
  • Make sure the content reflects your companies beliefs and core values
  • Make it easy for the audience to get engaged and reward them when they do.
  • Let your audience have control, let them dictate how and when to talk
  • Insight - amazingly the most overlooked element, by understanding where people are going can we understand how to direct them to the right place.

Volcanic can help with all these activities and ensure the your recruitment design is the perfect one for your customers, but if we need to change our system makes it quick easy and painless.






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