Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone
Fear Of Chnage

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I was reading an interesting article by a Canadian Justin Jackson he was looking at reasearch about why people buy Coffee or more importantly how they make a purchasing decision.

“When we have a job to do, we find something that we can buy or hire to get the job done. Understanding the cause of purchase, really improves the chance of success.” Clayton Christensen, Harvard Researcher

When trying to understand why a client places a role with your company it's good to understand why they are using you, what is it that you are doing for them, what are the buying pressures.

'The only two people who can give you real feedback about your product are people who just purchased it and people who have just cancelled.”Jason Fried

The research showed that their were four forces at work when making a buying decision, those forces are split into two: -

Those that hold you back

1. Allegiance to current supplier 2.Anxiety about change

Those that push you forward

3. Need for change 4. Attraction to new

If during the sales process you can address each of those forces, then you will be a step closer to making that sale.

With the Volcanic those forces can be: -

  1. That you've known and trusted that designer and he's never let you down
  2. That you don't know what we are like and there is a fear we might not help
  3. But you need to change as the website doesn't earn you money, attract clients or candidates, or isn't mobile
  4. However our functionality and value is world leading and never goes out of date.


We here at Volcanic cannot say that we are better than your current provider as we have never experienced that but we can, with certainity say, there's nothing to fear only value to gain.



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