Alan Jarque
by Alan Jarque
Recruitment Website Scripts

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There are many advantages to using a recruitment website script and applying this to a platform such as Wordpress.

The primary one being cost, however making an investment in a website is more than simply choosing the lowest price.

Considerations should include: -

  • How will I support the site after Go-live?
  • How much will changes to the site cost?
  • Whats the life span of the site?
  • Will the site be secure?
  • What happens when I need new features?
  • What about all the hard work I've done with the content and SEO?

We are open and honest about our system, we believe that maintenace should be included, a system should not age and all that hard work you do putting the site together shouldn't be thrown away when you want a new look and feel.

Don't use a Recruitment Website Script to build your website get some advice from professionals it would save you time in the long term.



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