Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone

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There's some interesting data coming out of the US regarding Source of employment, The work undertaken by CareerXroads which can be read here shows that over the recession there's been a change in the way candidates are hired.

Here's the figures


Year                        2010        2011        2012         2013

Job Boards           24.9%      20.1%      18.1%       15.4 %

Direct Hire             5%            9%           6.8%       12.1 %


So the trend is for Job Boards to be moving down however the underlying trend is that the of those job boards hires that 26% are now being fed from Niche Job Board Specilaists

Direct Hire rose in 2011 but dropped in 2012 due to recessionary pressures but grew again in 2013, the underlying cause of this is likely to be the use of Linked in and CV Libraries.

Overall the picture remains optimisitic with Head Hunting and Niche Job-boards now playing a bigger role in recruitment


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