Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone

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Understanding the Global recruitment market is becoming more important than ever when you want to find candidates of the right calibre. Volcanic have been working hard to expand it's offering across the globe and in doing so our understanding has greatly improved.

Here's some of tips that we have uncovered whilct setting up our overseas global recruitment operation: -

  • Understand the culture of the market you are entering, for example colour really does matter as an affluent successful coulour such as Red or Ornage plays an important role in the Asia Markets

  • Know what employment is like in the region you are working for example there is large gap between the holiday entitlements in europe compared to south america

  • Tone of voice is important, in some cultures boasting about your achievements is a bonus (North America) however in Asia it is considered unacceptable

  • Learn about the local traditions of the market, like shaking hands in America is acceptable but again is frowned upon in other cultures

  • Design trenda for example Less is More in European Countries but in China Less is Less and shows that you do not value your web real estate.

Our main learning is take the trouble and effort to learn about cultural differences and use these on your own localised website, it's more than just translating the site. 



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