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by Neil Pickstone
Recruitment Marketing Strategy

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When putting together a Recruitment Website Marketing Strategy there are a lot of elements that will make it successful.

So let's look at each element in isolation: - 

Jobs & Job Boards - Most recruiters will consider Jobs to be a vital commodity for their website, yet they won't think of jobs as content that users will look for and that Google will appreciate. when putting together job specifications and adverts consider both the effectiveness of these and the way that they will be found by Google. Job boards can also play a vital role in sending traffic to your site.

Company Branding - With luck your recruitment business will have already invested in it's brand but consider how this will look both online and on stationary. Branding is vital to helping users remember who you are and what your represent. Remeber it may look pretty but if it's easily forgotten then it's not working.

Employer Branding - An area of importance for all businesses is it's employer branding, it's proably even more imporatnt for recruitment businesses. Attracting your own staff can be as simple as putting a pictue of thevteam & offices on your site.

Blog & News - Probably the most important aspect of any recruitment website, There is a good phrase for it 'Good Content Easily Shared' the imporatnce of writing good and regular content cannot be understated, the value of it is that customers see that your active and Google ranks you higher allowing you to be found by more candidates and clients.

Social Media - There's a lot been said about it's use all we'll add is that it's vital part of any recruitment startegy.

Email marketing - Any online presence needs to be supported with email marketing, if someone signs up or enquires make sure you return that action with a simple baranded email saying thankyou. Collect data so that you can later send informatio about your business or to remind them about your brand.

Photography - Is now playing a vital part in any recruitment website, gone are the days of cheesy smiling perfectly diverse models nowdays its about being real and showing who you are and what you represent.

Video - The growth of video means that the cost of production has really dropped. Consider filming your clients providing testimonials or candidates talking about your recruitment service.

Case Studies - The use of case studies work really well onsite, it demonstrates knowledge to users as well as acts as a catalyst to encourage engagement.

On-Site Content - This often overlooked but it's important that the online content such as sectors, diciplines, about us is also well written, keyword rich and is always changing so that the care and attention needed is reflected on your site.

Apps - App's are a great source of content and knowledge for your recruitment website, If you add or share content from apps such as LinkedIn or eventbrite then you can demonstrate expertise in this area. using our Volcanic app store helps take the effort out of marketing your site.

Search Enngine Optimisation - there's a lot of conversations being held about SEO but fundamentally you do not need a company to manage this on your behalf but you do need to consider how your site will be considered by Search Engines, some good housekeeping and regular changes to your site will allow you to improve.


By paying attention to the above you can improve the effectiveness of your Recruitment Site.




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