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by Neil Pickstone
Recruitment Design

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Volcanic are one of a number of recruitment design agencies that operate in the UK. However unlike other competitors we have a global ambition, with our first overseas office opening this month in Mexico city we see the growth of the global job market as an essential element of our growth ambitions.

We specialise in the recruitment market and have seen demand for our product increase over 500% in the last 6 months and we are likely to become market leaders in the UK market by the end of 2015. Our recruitment website design product allows clients and candidates to connect quickly and easily and has help our customers to grow their market share.

Here's a list of our offerings: -

  • Recruitment Experts - Our expertise helps recruitment agencies of all sizes from Multi - million Plc’s to single specialist recruiters.
  • Design Specialists - Our design team demonstrate a real knowledge and passion for recruitment website design where branding and amazing user experience really matters.
  • Heritage - A team of over 14 staff with industry leading knowledge and expertise.
  • World leading software that never ages. We lead the way in recruitment software and have been doing so for many years.
  • We’ve never lost a recruitment agency, It’s not the promises we make  it’s the promises we keep that sets us apart.
  • Our team boast years of experience in their individual fields of recruitment technology and recruitment website design
  • International Experience - We have recently opened our first overseas office in Mexico City and plan to have an overseas presence in every continent in the next few years. our understanding of the global recruitment market and our local experts can help recruiters of all sizes expend in these local markets.

If you're looking for help, advice or just want a chat please feel free to give us a call.



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