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by Lillie Ubeid
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Getting your recruitment agency website design right is vital to attracting the right candidates and clients. 

At Volcanic we understand the importance of effective recruitment website design, something that simply cannot be achieved by using a free website builder.

In considering your recruitment website design you should put together a mix of functionality and style. Consider your content and remember jobs are content to. Many recruitment agencies sites tend to focus on their own achievement and their own capabilities, instead look at putting together a strategy which appeals to your target audience. 

Here are a few things Volcanic recommends to take into account when design the right recruitment website for an agency: -

  1. Make it easy to use for the audience by allowing them to find the content they want quickly. Consider the use of a single search bar and instead of returning job results consider showing other related content.
  2. Have a content strategy, not just jobs but share information about events in their field, latest white papers, content from industry leaders, news articles etc but consider where you'll find this content and then build it into your recruitment site. A good rule of thumb is to keep content concise, simple and optimised for search.
  3. Design is vital to an agency; it shows your brand strengths. Consider having a brand guidelines document produced.
  4. Design your recruitment website for every device. In particular mobiles. 79% of global internet activity in 2018 will take place on a mobile device.
  5. Integrate with social networks to share and receive information to and from.

At Volcanic, our innovative, cloud-based platform makes our website design platform perfect for recruiters of all sizes to perform better.


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