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by Lillie Ubeid
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Here at Volcanic we don't believe that an effective recruitment website can be created from a simple template. 

With a whole host of free information available over the internet it can be tempting to go on Google and find a free template to build your site and save some money. 

Many recruitment websites have and will be designed by people or organisations that aren’t conversant with the recruitment industry or it’s not their speciality A site may look and feel great but it’s potentially going to do very little if anything to move your business forward. It needs to be functional.

There are many reasons why you should not opt for building a free website. A couple of important reasons include:

Bad SEO- While many website builders provides you with SEO tools, they are very basic in what they offer. 

Lack of customisation- Free website builders have limited fonts, templates and a lack of custom code which can result in your website looking like thousands of other sites. You may not be able to accurately display your brands identity.

Lack of speed- Your website will be on a shared server with hundreds of other sites. The average visitor will leave your site if it’s not fully loaded within 3 seconds

Not future-proof- With a free website, can you be confident that your technology will be future proof? In a year or so your website may be obsolete in terms of technology, compliance and design might not be the best choice for your business. Future Proofing your business model is the key reason for the exponential growth in software as a service (SaaS), where providers offer low risk entry through no upfront investment, no contractual tie-ins and a simple monthly fee.


How much does a recruitment website cost in 2023?

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