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by Lillie Ubeid
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It's difficult in the competive world of recruitment to know which is the best recruitment software to use as there seems so many to choose from.

Well here's our take on who's the market leaders: -

Job Boards- Well the worlds leading joboard does seem to be indeed with various versions in many countries it does seem to laed the market at the moment but for how long?

Social Network - Again the world recruitment leader seems to be LinkediN but watch out there are a few alternatives arriving!!

ATS Products - When it comes to ATS products it seems that Bullhorn leads the market

Job Board Posting - For Automated Job Board posting - the market leader in the UK is Broadbean

CV Parsing Software - Is dominated by Daxtra

Social Automation - Hoote Suite still dominates

Sales CRM - the guys at Sales Force have the largest customer set

Office Email - Previously dominated by Microsoft Exchange this quickly being overtaken by GoogleMail

Email Automation - Dominated by MailChimp

Survey tools - Survey Monkey are the best by a clear mile

Website Platform - Volcanic have the leading solution in this space

But remember biggest is not allows best, in researching tools there are a lot of factors to take into consideration but probably the most important toady should be integration, the ability for the systems to talk with one another.










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