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Here at Volcanic we pride ourselves on designing great recruitment websites

Volcanic's recruitment websites give you ​everything you need to run your recruitment company anywhere in the world. Our recruitment software provides a unified platform to run your local or international business with ease.

When briefing and designing a great website there are always key elements that need to be considered. 

1. Images must be relevant to your brand. Don't be tempted to get carried away with pictures that you like that don't relate to your company. Your website needs to send a clear message about what you do and what you are selling. 

2. Clear contact points are vital. Give the user a clue about how to contact you but don't bombard them with too many options.

3. Clear signposting. Simplicity is key; tell the user to go here and do this, people respond well to clear instructions. 

4. Multi-device. This is an absolute must - particularly for mobile. 79% of global internet activity in 2018 will take place on a mobile device.

5. Integrate with social networks to share and receive information to and from.

Our recruitment and staffing websites generate better candidate conversion and growth. The Volcanic cloud-based platform ensures that our customers always remain relevant in an industry that is experiencing dramatic digital transformation. We are the only international recruitment website management platform that can consolidate all of your business technology in one place. Isn't it time you booked a demo?

Updated with new statistics in January 2019.


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