Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone

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At Volcanic we understand the importance of effective staffing and recruitment website design.

Your website is your first impression for potential candidates and one of the most important investments you can make. The design and elements of a website may take hours to finalise but a potential candidate will decide within an instant whether or not they choose to proceed to engage with it and this is why it's so important. 

Information must be easy to read and digest. If a website has a fussy font or several paragraphs of jargon-heavy text then people are likely to seek an easier web experience. Simplicity is often key.

Images should be high quality and in keeping with your brand. If you don't have high quality images to hand then consider paying for stock images; a picture really does speak a thousand words!

There are many other elements to the design process however the above principles, when executed well have helped our clients get impressive results.

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