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Website design and content should always go hand in hand, and your content strategy will help to inform your website’s design. The main goals of your content strategy are to fulfil user expectations and to convey your key messages - written with the user in mind.

A good rule of thumb is to keep content concise, simple and optimised for search. It is equally important to ensure your content resonates with your target audience and engages with visitors so they stay on site.

Why should I invest my time in content marketing?

In short, it will drive more revenue for your business than any other medium/channel. Modern recruiting has changed the way in which candidate and client generation has occured. The days of hitting the phones hard are quickly falling away, to make room for a more Digital Marketing based approach. Content Marketing will improve your SEO performance if done well, which leads to more traffic and conversions.

Need some content inspiration to get going? Follow our 7 steps for writing great content:

Step 1: Read - recruitment industry news, world news, backs of cereal packets…!

Finding your next story can often be tricky. A good idea can come from anywhere and keeping your eyes and ears open to the next interesting theme goes a long way. Jot down any ideas no matter how unusual they may seem - often a good story comes from a tiny spark of an idea.

To be honest, the chances of coming up with a genuinely new story idea are pretty low. It’s perfectly ok to Google your thoughts and build on an existing idea as long as you add new opinions and new value.

Step 2: Write for your reader

A good tip is to pick one reader and write your story for them. Identifying your business' buyer personae is a whole other subject but, essentially, if you can visualise a single reader, their pain points, their problems and which of these you can solve for them, you’re off to a great start.

Step 3: Just start writing!

The biggest hurdle - there’s nothing worse than a blank piece of paper and a deadline. The best thing to do is just start writing. Get your thoughts down and don’t worry if you’re not happy with every last word - you can always come back and edit later when you do a final check.


Step 4: Mix it up and recycle

Good campaigns will include a mix of evergreen and one-off newsworthy content. Hot topics that everyone’s talking about will attract readers - and you can then write follow-up pieces as part of your news series. There’s nothing to stop you carving up your content into bite size chunks. For example, you could create a series of three blog posts from one whitepaper.


Step 5: Learn from the best

Look at what other businesses are doing, both in and outside the recruitment industry. Look at the detail too - length, format, links, images, calls to action... Check search engines too to see what’s ranking highly, and do look in the comments to see if there are any common themes that you can write about.

Content length is often debated and there’s no right or wrong answer - longer pieces tend to rank better but you also need to keep your copy succinct.


Step 6: Think about search intent

Try to understand search intent, or what your readers are actually looking for, and write content that answers their questions. Use free tools like Google's Keyword Planner to research the search terms that your post could rank for - and target your content to fit.


Step 7: Marketing and shareability

Sounds obvious, but the best crafted piece of content in the world will never hit the spot unless you get it in front of your reader. This may take more effort than writing it in the first place. Make sure you and your teams share it on your social media channels.

How you market your content depends on your assets and context. If you can post on a popular blog, you’ve got a captive audience. Guest blogging is a great way to get started, increase your visibility and tap into popular blogs’ social streams.



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