Neil Pickstone
by Neil Pickstone
Mobile Recruitment

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By now most recruiters have looked at or embraced the use of mobile in the recruitment process. They may  be using mobile technology to simply share details about jobs or update candidates on where they are in the recruitment process.

A few forward thinking businesses have been persuaded to invest in a mobile app usually at great expense but without clarity on the benefits of doing so. A few recruiters have started to use responsive layouts to present their website to clients and candidates in a fresh and interesting way, so why all this interest in mobile recruitment?

A recent study by Educate revealed some interesting findings. Over 700,000 mobiles users were asked about their use of mobile phones – among the general use of playing games or talking on social networks an interesting fact was revealed in that a large proportion of the users were searching for jobs using their mobiles.

Educate then undertook a more detailed study in this area by obtaining answers from a further 4,000 respondents and delving a bit deeper. The findings were even more interesting, 65% confirmed that they had used their mobile to find and apply for jobs, 84% revealed that employers should have a mobile friendly website, 72 % were interested in being told about opportunities on their phones.

So Lets look at the current Figures

  • 40% of internet traffic is now mobile
  • By 2015 over 80% of handsets will be smart phones
  • In 2013 mobile devices will surpass desktops as method for accessing the web

Volcanic recruitment software was the first product in the world to allow applicants to search, save and apply for jobs using their mobile phone. Our clients have seen a 100 % increase in the number of candidates attracted and have 42% apply via mobile devices.

Can you afford to ignore this market?


How much does a recruitment website cost in 2023?

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