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CV Application Process

In final segment of our mobile recruitment series, we explore the ways in which a recruiter can obtain a CV from a candidate using a mobile device.

Most recruitment sites allow candidates to upload a word document or PDF from their computer but clearly most mobile devices do not store large file on their hard drives thus preventing applicants from applying for the jobs using their mobile. This was a problem that Volcanic were determined to overcome and thus provide clients with a truly mobile experience.

LinkedIn Integration

  • LinkedIn introduced an apply with your LinkedIn profile button this enables an applicant to submit their LinkedIn CV.
  • Rather than use the LinkedIn button it’s possible to integrate the CV handling with a Bespoke Application that allows the job matching based on keyword search of their LinkedIn resume.

Drop Box Integration

  • Drop box integration – by allowing a user to upload their cv from dropbox when applying for a job will have the same affect as traditional cv submissions

Google Drive Integration

  • Google Drive integration - by allowing a user to upload their cv from Google Drive which will have the same affect as traditional cv submissions

The benefits of passing the CV into the Candidate database is that of ease and convenience. It also allows the candidate to undertake this from their phone whilst still at work but privately.

The effect for our clients were a 100% increase in applications with 42% more traffic from mobile devices.

Can your business afford to ignore these figures?


How much does a recruitment website cost in 2023?

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